With over twenty years experience as a producer of high-quality visual communications solutions, Dave Keffer has become an expert in an assortment of creative techniques and disciplines.

Whether as digital media producer, photographer, or designer, his long experience integrating established production techniques into emerging digital, social, and experiential marketing channels has given him a reputation among his clients as a digital media problem solver.

Keffer founded KEFSKI Creative Services in Minneapolis while working as a video editor for the musical artist, Prince. He soon relocated to the west coast where he began amassing a long list of television and film credits working with some of the most recognizable brands in Hollywood.

His ability to create entertaining visuals caught the attention of companies like Coca-Cola USA ā€“ for whom Keffer has designed and produced several successful interactive and experiential marketing campaigns ā€“ and Disney/ABC Television ā€“ with whom Keffer has edited or produced over 25 hours of promotional television content.

Keffer’s satisfied clients range from international advertising agencies, to major cable and television networks, to young startups eager to define their brand in the emerging digital and social media landscape.

A Few of Our Services

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