Multiplatform Content Creation

Hello, my name is Dave Keffer. I’m a creative industry professional with over twenty years experience as a producer of high quality – traditional and new media – communications solutions.

I specialize in the integration of established production techniques into emerging digital and experiential marketing channels. Using multiple creative disciplines, I can maximize the return on multi-platform content creation by streamlining and managing an otherwise complex production process.

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What in the world is "Content Creation?"

Digital Content Creation (DCC) is a term which describes the creation and modification of digital media assets – such as video, audio, graphics, images and animation – as part of the production process before they are presented in their final medium.

So, whether it’s a video promotional package for a network television series, a high gloss photo shoot for a company-wide rebranding, or an audio identity package for a national experiential marketing campaign, we can shoot, design, build, edit and finalize high quality content that will deliver your brand’s message with impact and style.